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Distance Training Pitching Program

This 8-week pitching program is tailored for the pitcher who is unable to participate in my 21K Pitching Program due to distance and/or time constraints.  There is no face-to-face instruction during this program.  However, players can purchase add-on private lessons to enhance the experience, but is NOT required.

Once registered, pitchers will receive an email with access to the CoachNow app along with a Goals Questionnaire.  Within the app, you will submit a pitching video that will be analyzed and given back with voice-over and visual feedback.  Next, a program will be designed based on the player's goals and current skill level.  Every plan is individualized to meet each pitcher’s needs.  The plan will include a warmup plus four weeks of pitching workouts with three different workouts per week.  After four weeks, the player will be reassessed and a new monthly training program will be developed based on the pitcher’s progress.  All workouts include video links to drills.

Pitchers participating in the distance training program are encouraged to send unlimited videos through the CoachNow mobile app in order to gain feedback and monitor progress throughout the program.

Distance Training Program includes personalized plans, unlimited voice-over video feedback, and access to the drill library. Cost $50 per month.  Minimum 2-month subscription required.

Distance Training Pitching Program
Ages: 6 - 18
Cost: $50 per month.
Minimum 2-month subscription required.


Location: NF Softball
1391 NW 3rd Street
Linton, IN 47441